Bran Stark + Dragons [x]

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By the way, who taught you how to dance?

"All of time and space. Everything that ever happened and ever will. Where do you wanna start?"

clarissassfray asked you: teen wolf or doctor who?
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I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.

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are you fucking kidding me, evans?


Rebecca Madertalking about what is coming up for her character in the remaining episodes of Once Upon A Time Season 3, during Wondercon (x)

Josh and Jennifer: Behind The Scenes of The Hunger Games/Catching Fire

"Jennifer and I, the moment we met each other, there was this friendship that was unparalleled to any actor I’ve ever met before.”

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fallenmoongirl asked: House Stark or House Lannister

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Like my soul, you wont survive.
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What is the worst pain? To me, it’s always the pain that is present.

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It doesn’t matter what you feel - ultimately, it’s what the audience feels. You can finish a scene and think to yourself, ‘Oh, God. I was so deep in that moment,’ and find it just didn’t play. I don’t know if I have very good radar about that or not.  - Carey Mulligan